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The range of our services covers help-to-buy a wide range of Japanese products and deliver these products to destinations all around the world.

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Our company, which is based in Japan, is a lawfully incorporated Japanese company that specializes in helping to purchase, wholesaling, and delivering Japanese products to retailers and end clients. Whatever unique and intriguing products you spot on a Japanese website, we can help you make the purchase and deliver the products to your country directly. All you need to do is to provide us with details of the web address(link) or the name of the product that you intend to purchase, so we can give you a price quote. If you do not have comprehensive information of your desired product, please make an inquiry through our Request Form. We always go the extra miles to look for relevant product information for our clients. On top of that, we have acquired the requisite licenses and permits to merchandise second-hand Japanese products, and thus also help our clients purchase secondhand products. Please contact us shall you wish to engage our services of purchasing secondhand Japanese products.

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